Primary Electrical Distribution Replacement at the Geelong Refinery

The project scope was to construct a new Main Incoming Substation (MIS), install & Cut Over three new HV switchboards to replace: –

  • 1x   22kV Distribution switchboard(s)
  • 1x   6.6kV Distribution switchboard
  • 1x   6.6kV Plant switchboard

These three switchboards form the heart of the Refinery’s Electrical Distribution network, and are critical to the safe operation of the entire Refinery.

The Cut-Over and Commissioning phase was implemented with no planned interruption to electrical supply, with the electrical circuits being ‘cutover’ seamlessly to Refinery electrical operations: –

The PEDR project was implemented in a phased approach:

Phase 1: Demolition & Construction of new Main Incoming Substation (MIS) – Complete

Phase 2: Procurement & Installation of new switchboards, 6.6kV Cut Overs – Complete


2a)             Substation Fit-out (Initial and Final Stages) – Complete

2b)             Cable, Trenching and Miscellaneous Installations – Complete

2c)             Distribution Switchboard Cut-overs – Complete

2d)             Plant Switchboard Cut-overs – Complete

(10xFeeders, 4xTransformers, 2xTurbines, 6xMotors)

Phase 3: 22kV Cut Overs


3a)             22kV Equipment and Cable Installation –

3b)             22kV Cut-Overs

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CompletedAugust, 2015
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