Hazardous Area Electricians Tasmania

Frontline Electrical provide highly qualified hazardous area classifications, installations and zoning services to clients in Tasmania that ensure environments, where flammable gas, vapour, dust, fibres or flyings are present, remain safe and in accordance with Australian standards. Our reliable team have the expert knowledge and experience to carry out these important services for a variety of industries in Tasmania and are prepared to tackle any project thrown our way – large or small.

Our team of hazardous area electricians prevent explosions from occurring by conducting classifications and analysing the atmosphere for dangerous vapours and gases. We take into consideration the entire operation of the project and predict the schedule of release for these harmful gases, which inform us on how to best ensure the safety of your building and personnel inside it. The Frontline electricians will examine the gas group, temperature class and other elements of the atmosphere in order to classify the hazard level of the environment. Once an assessment has been completed, facility operators are provided with a detailed classification report and are able to choose suitable protective equipment such as lights and motors for that zone area.

At Frontline Electrical, we are highly trained in the installation of hazardous area equipment for manufacturing plants, refineries, factories, terminals and other industrial environments across Tasmania. Our team design and install a wide range of specialised instruments including non-sparking equipment, flameproof enclosures that effectively work to protect these high-risk environments.

We also provide ongoing maintenance and safety inspections to ensure up-to-date OH&S practices and dossiers are in action, as well as maintain equipment is performing effectively. If any hazardous area equipment is identified as faulty or non-compliant with the Australian standard, our team will replace or repair it immediately.

To learn more about our team of highly trained electricians that provide hazardous area classifications, zoning and equipment installations, please contact us on (03) 6228 1022. We will happily answer any questions you may have and help you understand the importance of this service for your industrial environment in Tasmania. If you are after automation and process control services or electrical shutdown & instrumentation resourcing, we are also here to help.