Industrial electrical services in Tasmania

Frontline Electrical offers a complete Industrial, Commercial, Maintenance, Engineering, and Design capability to all of Tasmania is its entirety.

Frontline Electrical are part of the Citywide Group and are backed by our Victorian and NSW/ACT divisions, Gordon McKay and Ultegra

The Citywide Group employ in excess of 1,260 people, with an annual revenue of more than $325 million.

We are known as a company that specializes in total solutions, with capability to execute projects from design engineering to complete commissioning.
The strengths of a “total resource” company

  • A solution provider’s perspective of industry guidelines and regulations.
  • An understanding of unique and remote environments.
  • The capability to translate project specifications into total, highly productive solutions.
  • Processes and systems that map project profiles within cost / investment parameters.
  • The complete spectrum of options from Frontline Electrical technology partners.
  • Follow through capability to see a job through from concept to installation to lifecycle maintenance.
  • Training modules for operational teams in utilization of installed systems.
  • Post implementation and commissioning support, uptime guarantees and maintenance.
  • Customised project installation productivity and tracking software

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NECA Award Winner

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Frontline Electricals’ team of fully qualified industrial electrician operate all over Tasmania. Specialising in “total solutions”, call us to discuss your project.