Frontline Electrical won this competitive tender and were contracted to provide a complete design and installation solution for UTAS at their EAF facility in Taroona this project was approx. $6.5M value, it required Frontline to liaise directly with several suppliers to provide for all of their electrical, instrumentation and control system requirements. This project was completed on budget within a challenging 6 month time frame and the scope involved the following:

  • Supply and installation of new 2500 amp main Switchboard, which was required to be changed over while running the entire site on their standby genset without loss of power service to experiments in the existing facility. This was managed and delivered without any disruption.
  • Supply and installation of new main distribution board and connection of new dedicated 700 amp standby genset and Automatic power transfer switch for the EAF facility
  • Supply and installation of DB and all electrical/instrumentation systems to 2500l tank shed
  • Supply and installation of DB, light and power wiring and aquaculture equipment wiring to complete 7000l tank farm and 13000l stock tanks
  • Installation only, connection and commissioning assistance of Oxy guard monitoring system throughout entire facility
  • Design, Supply and Installation of all power and instrumentation wiring and complete control system solution for Waste water treatment and Sea water treatment plants.
  • Supply and installation of Data and security requirements for facility.

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CompletedFebruary, 2021
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