Instrumentation Services Tasmania

For any of your instrumentation needs in Tasmania, the crew at Frontline Electrical are the best fit for any of your needs!

The experienced team at Frontline Electrical have specialist skills in the food, beverage, timber, brewing, water reticulation and high-speed manufacturing industries and are one of Tasmania’s most trusted electrical businesses.

In particular, the team are proficient in areas such as electrical instrumentation and general instrumentation services where the team are able to measure and process variables (such as temperature, pressure, and volume) by using various measuring component.

The team have specialist instrument, electrical, and hazardous area technicians with relevant experience to replace and service faulty instruments, as well as installing and calibrating instruments.

The team are also highly trained in installing and maintaining products such as portable and fixed gas detectors in Tasmania so that you can detect any gas faults, or any carbon monoxide leaks which in turn can be deadly. By getting on top of your gas you are not only saving time and energy but also saving plenty of cash by getting a team of professionals in who can fix it early before it becomes a much bigger problem.

The team are able to install and maintain any of your electrical maintenance needs, in and around Tasmania and have played a major part in setting up and seeing through major electrical projects such as the Goldwind Australia Cattle Hill wind turbine project and the Hydro Repulse Tasmania project where the team were able to upgrade an entire power system in order to make way for a new Kaplan generation machine.

Instruments are an integral part of the process of a plant, they are also critical for the ongoing safe operation of your facility. We have a team of experienced and accredited personnel specialising in instrumentation services in Hobart, Tasmania.

To learn more about how the team can help you with any of your electrical industrial maintenance services in Tasmania, then give the Frontline Electrical team a call today!