High Voltage Electricians Tasmania

The team at Frontline Electrical are your local Tasmanian business with experienced high voltage services. We are able to assist and be your team for any high voltage installation or maintenance needs.

A high voltage installation is a group of electrical equipment that is permanently connected and can be supplied with electricity from the works of a generating source at voltages greater than 1000V AC RMS or 1500V ripple-free DC.

It is highly recommended that untrained personnel stay away from high voltage equipment as it can be very dangerous. By providing such services, the team at Frontline Electrical ensure that your work environment is safe and that nobody is at risk of electrocution or any other hazardous incidents.

As your high voltage electrician and service provider, the team are able to perform the testing, repairing and maintenance of any of your electrical systems. By performing electrical maintenance on your plant or equipment, we ensure all procedures are followed to maintain safety standards.

Frontline Electrical will facilitate and operate on any of your high voltage electricity needs as well as play a part in any needed terminations or changes of electrical equipment to suit your needs, whether it’s industrial or commercial.

If this sounds like something you are after. Call the team today.