Frontline Electrical were contracted to perform the electrical installation and commissioning of 22 GW 140/3000 and 140/3200 wind turbines at the Goldwind Australia Cattle Hill Project, Tasmania.

This included electrical works on the Generator System, CMS++ System, Blade monitoring System Environmental Adaptability System, External Cooling System of Converter,

Hub slip ring connections, Blade earthing cabling, CMS sensors,

Nacelle and Yaw Deck outgoing Generators cabling, Limit switches, Speed, Brake and Temperature sensors, fibre optic cabling, earthing.

Automatic Fire Protection system, General Lighting and Power Systems for a 100 metre, 5 section tower, the dropping and joining of 24 x 400mm aluminium conductors at each section of the tower. 2000 Cable Joints and 24x 240mm copper conductors.

Master and Slave Converter terminations, cabling and connections to, 690v AC Master to MCC, Converter to DU/DTs, Converter braking resistors, Ambient and Dehumidifying fans, Exit and Egress lighting and Generator change over box.

All testing and commissioning with full certification of all electrical works.

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CompletedJanuary, 2021
LocationWaddamana, Tasmania
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