Welcome to Frontline Electrical

Frontline Electrical has been established to offer a complete electrical service for all Industrial customers in Tasmania.

Our aim is to provide specialised and highly skilled services for Industrial Customers. Since its origin in May 2008, Frontline has steadily grown and built on its clientele to become a major supplier of industrial services to Southern Tasmania.

Presently Frontline Electrical employs approximately 39 local people including 19 dual trade instrumentation technicians, 3 mechanical tradesmen and 5 apprentices. We have a vast depth of experience and a good blend of youth in our ranks. We pride ourselves on continuous improvement and training of our workforce and offer an attractive enterprise agreement to maintain a high standard of employee.

Between our directors we have over 60 years industrial experience and are happy to offer advice on existing or new installations. Frontline prides itself on going above and beyond to ensure our customers receive the best service from design stage to commissioning.

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